NHS agency spend report
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The RCN’s latest Frontline First report shows that the NHS will spend almost £1bn on agency nursing staff in 2014/15.

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12 03 2015

Pressures impacting hospital care for older people in Scotland

Pressures on the health and social care system in Scotland are compromising fundamental standards of care for older people in hospital according to a new Frontline First briefing 'Amber warning: RCN briefing on care of older people in hospitals in Scotland'

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05 02 2015

The cost of short-term planning - £1bn on agency nurses in 2014/15

The RCN has published a new Frontline First report showing an unprecedented rise in the amount the NHS spends on agency nursing staff in England.

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23 11 2014

We are at risk of “turning back the clock” on mental health services

On the same day the RCN publishes its new report on mental health care in the UK, Dr Peter Carter speaks about the unprecedented strain mental health services are under and what needs to be done.

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11 11 2014

Andrea meets with her local MP about pay

RCN President Andrea Spyropoulos met with her local MP, Maria Eagle to discuss the Government’s rejection of the Independent Pay Review Body’s recommendation of a 1% pay rise for all NHS staff.

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